OGRE With Ballista!! 60mm

OGRE With Ballista!! 60mm

Ogre With Goblin Ballista and 3 Goblin Crew 

60mm foot to head , (28mm scale)

3D printed in Eco resin

Absolutely unique 2-in1 combination!

it took us a little time to get it the way we wanted but basically , the Ogre has been adapted to have small locator pegs on the harness so you can take the Ballista on and off rather than just glue permanently- much more practical for gaming we felt :-)

We’re also offering the Ballista and Crew separately (see separate listing) so it can just be used ground-based     ..or in fact, it does fit on top of our Ogre with Tower (although that one doesn’t yet have the pegs to stop it sliding off without gluing)

We also wanted to print the ballista in the minimum amount of bits , but there are still two arms you glue separately to set the bow at the angle you prefer , although it actually stays in place by itself, so just an extra detail if preferred - and for ease we’ve added a little piece of brass rod to add as the hinge bar .

We’ll aim to get ours painted and add further photos ... anytime yesterday !

NB 1 !! : You are buying the unpainted resin items as shown in the actual product layout photo .

We will hold a small stock but mainly these will be printed to order so will take a little longer to deliver

NB 2 !!  WE ONLY include  a 2mm x 60 mm mdf base in the price.


However, if you want something more scenic, you can CHOOSE BELOW from three designs of RESIN BASE-TOPPER.  These are  58 mm diameter so can be glued on top of our base or any 60mm base - this way you get the detail of the design without the wasteful cost of printing such a big base in total resin.  ( see also our Bag 'O Bones for further bases decoration!)

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