From Australia come the great sculpts of Medbury Miniatures!  We've developed  them into 28mm multi-purpose metals that fit with a range of campaigns , from the Scottish Wars to Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses .. but ideal for crossover into Fantasy use as well !

We’ve gone for sizes we think will fit with the widest range of other historical ranges so you can add to your current armies, as you'll see from our comparison photos for both historical and fantasy use.

We're working on a sub-licence from Medbury Miniatures , who allowed us to turn their classic Scots Wars 3D Print designs into good old metal .  

Please note, our figures are not supplied by Medbury , they are produced in the UK and although we are making every effort to match their high standards at all times, Medbury take no responsibility directly for these products .

However, the casting has gone well and we’re really pleased, and now have many great reviews from experienced collectors  - see here Reviews & Gallery -  BUT PLEASE see for yourself as we’ve tried to capture all the honest detail in the photos . 

We will add some painted versions as we can,  that we hope will also help,  or see the examples of happy customers on the above Gallery page .

And you'll find the rest of  Medbury's own great range of metals here : Medbury Miniatures , Australia