Goblin Ballista With Crew

Goblin Ballista With Crew

Printed in the best TGM7 resin - strong but flexible to ensure long life on the battlefield !

A really unique battlefield addition .

it took us a little time to get it the way we wanted but we think the size works well now to fit in with other Goblin 28mm armies.

We also wanted to print the ballista in the minimum amount of bits , but there are still two little arms you can glue separately to set the bow at the angle you prefer , although it actually stays in place by itself, but just an extra detail if preferred - and for ease we’ve added a little piece of brass rod to add as the hinge bar where the two body parts fit together

You can set the crew arms to all sorts of poses and there’s two bolts to put one ready to fire and have another in the arms of the second crew on the platform.

We’re also offering it with its accompanying carry Ogre (see separate listing for both together)

We’ll aim to get ours painted and add further comparison photos ... anytime yesterday !

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