And so our adventure begins with the fabulous figures of Reconquer Designs! .....   taking us from 11th Century Iberia to North Africa, to the Crusades and beyond ! 

A range of  28mm figures that can be adapted to suit a variety of campaigns beyond the Reconquista and will fit nicely alongside other ranges .....  Normans, Crusades, etc and for various rulesets -  SAGA, Swordpoint, Barons War, Outremer , etc  probably even Oathmark and LOTR !

These will be great multi-purpose figures with conversion options at the heart of our adaptations .  Our aim is to make them as flexible and modular as possible to suit a range of potential armies but also because in reality, a lot of Reconquista troop types tended to be similar,  so the SAME bodies can be personalised for either of the opposing factions  with some simple choices !

We’ve tried to go for a size that fits with the widest range of other historical ranges so you can add to your armies, as well as collecting as a campaign in their own right . The Infantry riders measure approx 27 mm toe to eye. The horses are approx 26mm floor to middle of back. 

See the comparison photo with some other figures we had to hand - this range are a little bigger than Perry's and current Footsore Barons War figures  and a little smaller than Vitrix ,Gripping beast and Crusader but the Reconquer Designs  are a different style of sculpt so a lot finer and more realistic we think ... so we think they will fit fine with both ends of the "28mm" scale !)

Also with the Horse comparison photo - we're about the size of the old GW/Citadel metal horses , similar to Front Rank but slimmer/lighter , similar to Vitrix and Warlord plastics , larger than Footsore, GW plastics, Gripping Beast 

We'll be adding more to the range as quickly as we can, so come back soon to check what's new ... !:-)