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 "Great top notch casting... Crisp and clean.."        (11th C  Knights ), R.Blackburn, Wales

"Cracking figures, nice detail"                           (13th C  Billmen) L. King-Gibson, Merseyside

"Blimey.... super fast delivery! excellent figures.5*++"   (Goblin Warband)                   A.High, Derbyshire

 "Excellent service. Models are very finely cast".  (11th C   Reconquista),  D.Hindley, Durham 

"Good figures for historical and Warhammer",  (Scots Wars) J.Cano, Madrid, Spain

"Great castings and detail., some of the best  I have seen (Scots Wars)  J.Brown, Scotland

"High quality. 100% recommend,"  (Scots Wars)                  TJ Tyler NY, USA

"Great sculpts and quality" (Orcs)     R.Ukko, Helsinki, Finland

"Minis of quality and very well detailed." (Orc Archers)  D.Meozzi, Grasse, France

"Very nice metal figures.Throne in resin also very nice"     (Dwarf Lord) A.Motta, Siebnen, Switzerland

"They're top quality! Go with my moria goblins really well"  (Goblin Flagbearer) R.Bloom, Berks

The minis are gorgeous. Better than many Games Workshop minis."  (Dwarves & Orcs) L.Garcez, TX, USA


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