11-12th Century Standard Bearer Mounted


11-12th Century Standard Bearer Mounted

28mm scale white metal

This listing is for a  Multi-Purpose MOUNTED STANDARD BEARER with FLAGSTAFF (+ Flag option )
Ideal to use in a variety of armies from historical to fantasy

He comes with one of the five core horses as shown in the listing, supplied randomly depending on stock levels , but normally one of the two shown in the tabletop photos .

The figure has an open right hand, so you can use your own flag staff but we include one of our unique 2-in-1 flagstaffs, that has a spiked top finial on one end and a crucifix on the other, so you can cut and personalise to your required force. The length  of the pole in between is 58mm so more than enough to carry large flags, including now our own resin flag range that is offered below as an optional add-on .

Note - a standard sword in scabbard is already cast on this figure .

Then to help further with the personalisation and multi-purpose ,  there's a choice of 1 shield included in the unit price :

  • a)  1 x Kite shield - plain                                                                                          ( measure 23mm x 10mm so fit many transfers/decals to suit either force )
  • b)  1 x Kite Shield - patterned                                                                                ( one random patterned as per photos - more suited to "Christian" forces )
  • c)  1 x Almond Shield - plain                                                                                  ( measure 19 x 10 mm - more for "Christian" forces)                       
  • d)  1 x Round Shield - plain                                                                                    ( just over 13mm diam. so fit many transfers/decals to suit either force ) 
  • e)  1 x Round Shield - patterned                                                                            ( one random of patterns as per photos , more suited "Muslim" forces )

And after all that ! , in a small attempt to move away from plastic, we offer the option of a 2mm mdf base - our own take on the standard 50 x 25mm gaming base , but with rounded corners, so they fit in a standard formation but look better if used stand-alone, or a 40mm round version for those using the figures in fantasy/LOTR mode :-)


We’re pretty pleased with these first castings,  BUT PLEASE see for yourself as we’ve tried to capture all the great detail in the photos . We will add soonest, some painted versions that we hope will also help .

NB 1 !! : You are buying the unpainted bare metal items as shown in the actual product photo ... they do NOT come with bases unless you select that option .

NB 2 !! : Due to the nature of metal casting, finally assembly may require superglue and probably a small file or drill for making parts fit neatly etc  To create the flowing cape in metal,  this figure is supplied in two halves and requires gluing . 

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