28mm Pewter

Comes with his own 3-spiked ball whip (now made in tough but flexible TGM resin, NOT metal as photo, to improve battlefield life )

We've now done a new versions of this one  where his arms come separate . This means the arms will also swap and fit with other figures in the range that we also make modular and interchangeable. 

This then allows a range of poses even if you are buying more than one of the same body,

Please see our other modular bodies coming soon and listed separately. We hope to be adding to this modular range to include double handed weapons as well .  Also, this figure has his head separate to allow us to cast the spikes on his helmet , and we wanted to see if  we might then offer different heads in the future. Let us know what you think !

Also, now we've found a product that is durable but flexible, we've gone back to making the whip in resin - we've found it much more practical to take the knocks of the gaming table. 

NB 1 !! :  You are buying the unpainted bare metal item that comes in 5 parts as shown in the actual product photo ...   It  comes with a round slotted 25 x 2mm mdf base and NOT WITHOUT PLASTIC BASES ! Those are shown in the photos for display purposes only.

NB 2 !! : To create the detail and pose options, we cast arms and weapons as separate little pieces,  so final assembly is required with superglue, and probably a small file for making weapon grips fit into hands etc

For reference on final assembly, we’ve shown our own painted examples and these are a mixture of the actual metal products or the final resin masters used for the master casts.

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