Opening news !

Opening news !

Well, we finally made it .... !

    As you'll read in"About Us", it's been a long and winding road from where we started 18 months ago, but we hope we've got a little shop here that will grow and be of interest to a range of tabletop gamers .

    In these New Blogs, we also intend to feature Conversions that we do ourselves , just for fun and to highlight any interesting bits we've come across that we'll link to or maybe even sell in the shop in the Bits & Pieces section ...hopefully they may inspire or be useful to fellow converters :-)

   Our aim is to run with Themes that interest us and offer a range of figures and sometimes terrain that we are using ourselves in our own games . All figures are good quality metal and approx 28mm scale , whilst bigger creatures and ancillary items are in top quality eco-resin.  

    In our pre-testing via our low key Ebay and Etsy pages, we have 100% positive feedback on quality and detail of both metal and resin products , so we now feel confident to raise our heads a little more above the parapet with this shop...  and the prices should be a bit better !

    To launch we have the ageless battle between Dwarfs and Goblins, for control of the Mines above and below the Mountain...   ... we'll be adding figures and special  terrain for their battles... as well as variations of the great Ogres and Cave Trolls...

..,.and our intended expanding collection of fantasy "baddies" , begins with the grimmest Obsidian Orcs from the Dark North..

    Then for  Humans, we'll be kicking off our Historical ranges with figures from the Scots Wars suitable for Hundred Years War and War of the Roses  as well as "Reconquista Revisited" that will offer highly-detailed figures for a range of campaigns from  the Iberian Wars though to North Africa and The Crusades  and  they will also double-up to give warriors and special characters  for fantasy games as well... 

    With all our Historicals groups, we're looking at figures or groups of figures that will fit with many of the other ranges offered by some of the bigger companies but we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. 

    A good example of multi-purpose uses will be our range of horses .. where we are on a quest to finally replace the endless gluing and pinning of broken plastic ankles across many years LOTR gaming !! 

    Please do contact us if there are any particular products or ranges you'd like to see us to create in the future. But meanwhile enjoy the trip around our little world :-)